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EX07, EX08, 2.20


Emphasising on operator safety, high performance and ease of use. 

Our sales, design and customer support teams are experts in the field of the Traffic Management Vehicles. Today, Acklea is at the forefront of the UK Traffic Management Vehicle Industry. Whether it be the class leading Scorpion Crash Cushion, the only Crash Cushion to be actually tested in the UK and to meet all required standards of the NCHRP350, the additional side impact test requirements and EU Regulation 58 for rear underrun device attached to the   Crash Cushion. Or as an approved Nissen agent for the most up to date light   arrows and VMS signs, you can be assured you will receive top quality.
Covering the whole of the UK, Acklea will design, build and supply your vehicles, VMS Trailers or demountable equipment. With our Hire Fleet, specialist parts supply and Crash Cushion Repair and Maintenance, we believe   in quality and excellent service, a reputation we have earned and intend continuing to earn.

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